Three Spice Bundle


Laura’s Farm’s three-spice bundle of Bayou Blend, Laura’s Blend and Sariette Blend offers a great variety of incredible flavors to your meals!

Bayou Blend

Add an authentic taste of Louisiana to mealtime with Laura’s Farm Bayou Blend. This mix of classic Cajun spices brings the Bayou to life with every bite. It pairs perfectly with seafood but can also be enjoyed on pork, poultry, vegetables and your other favorite dishes. Whether you add a little or a lot, our Bayou Blend brings flavors the whole family will love.

Laura’s Blend

Your new go-to spice mix is here. Laura’s Blend combines the individual ingredients you commonly use together into one package. Shorten prep time by adding garlic, black pepper, salt, onion and thyme all at once to bring flavor to any meal. But it doesn’t just stop there. We also added mustard to give Laura’s Blend a tangy kick you won’t find in other all-purpose mixes.

Sariette Blend

If you are looking for a savory spice mix to add to your pantry, look no further than Laura’s Farm Sariette Blend. Garlic, onion and shallot come together in this mix to not only season meat, but also to bring out bold flavors in your favorite sauce, salad, stuffing and more. You can even use our Sariette Blend as a base layer under any of our seasonings.

American Grown & Milled

Bayou Blend Ingredients: Salt, White Pepper, Black Pepper, Cayenne, Garlic, Onion, Sweet Basil, Bay, Ground File, Spices
Laura’s Blend Ingredients: Garlic, Mustard, Thyme, Onion, Black Pepper, Salt, Spices
Sariette Blend Ingredients: Roasted Granulated Garlic, Roasted Granulated Onion, Shallot

Seasoning Tips

  1. Cold foods like salad need to be seasoned more to taste the flavors compared to hot foods

  2. Seasoning from high above your dish while cooking will help distribute spices evenly

  3. Pre-season meats hours in advance to allow the spices to absorb into the center before cooking

What Makes Our Rice Different?

Laura's Farm is committed to providing our customers with the finest long grain rice, grown and milled right here in South West Louisiana. By utilizing the most technologically advanced milling and sorting equipment the industry has to offer, we are able to meet and exceed our customers most demanding specifications. 

Along with the quality of our products, Farmers Rice Milling Company is equally committed to our customers and their purchasing experience.

For every 5 pounds of rice we sell, we donate a pound to a charity feeding those in need, providing nutrition for those who are less fortunate and in need.