Moroccan Saffron Spice


Unlike so many cheap imitators, Laura’s Farm Moroccan Saffron spice provides a noticeable sweet and floral taste to any dish. The flavor of our Saffron spice is earthy and has a complex, nuanced flavor, making it the perfect addition to your rice or any other dish. Whether you like a bold and forward saffron profile or if you like a hint of saffron in the background, our seasoning is sure to bring delicious Moroccan flavors to your home.

American Grown & Milled

Ingredients: Moroccan Saffron

Popular ways to use Laura’s Farm Moroccan Saffron

  1. Saffron is prized for both its aromatic flavor and beautiful golden color.

  2. Saffron is still most commonly used in Mediterranean, Asian, and European cuisine. However, this worldly spice can also be found in a range of dishes around the globe, from Spanish paella and other Greek and Italian rice dishes to rich Indian recipes.

  3. Our saffron spice works beautifully in dishes that feature Laura’s Farm Premium Long Grain White Rice, pasta, eggs, seafood and/or chicken.

  4. Pale broths, custard, milk and cream are excellent carriers for the flavor of the saffron flavor profile.

  5. Saffron is best put to use in dishes that have a significant amount of liquid, like rice, bouillabaisse and risotto, as the simmering process is necessary to unleash the full flavor.

What Makes Our Rice Different?

Laura's Farm is committed to providing our customers with the finest long grain rice, grown and milled right here in South West Louisiana. By utilizing the most technologically advanced milling and sorting equipment the industry has to offer, we are able to meet and exceed our customers most demanding specifications. 

Along with the quality of our products, Farmers Rice Milling Company is equally committed to our customers and their purchasing experience.

For every 5 pounds of rice we sell, we donate a pound to a charity feeding those in need, providing nutrition for those who are less fortunate and in need.